Kanyar Derakhshan Omid

Kanyar Derakhshan Omid has always tried to gain a worthy share of the luxury decorative stones market by extracting building stones from different quarries in Iran, which has always been able to offer new products with the highest quality to the market. This Complex, using its experts in the field of mining, has extracted two Persian Cheetah and Persian Perlatino stones, which are among the most special building stones in Iran.

Kanyar Derakhshan Omid

Kanyar Derakhshan Omid products

Kanyar Derakhshan Omid, with two active quarries, is currently extracting from these quarries and is always trying to supply the raw materials (blocks) required for advanced stone cutting by continuously extracting them from these quarries. One of the products quarries is Persian Cheetah marble, which is similar to the ِDark Emperor marble and is a good competitor for this stone and can gain a suitable market. Another product of this company is Persian Perlatino marble, which offers a special effect in the interior design of buildings with its olive green background and dark veins. This stone is similar to the Perlatino stone and can compete with this stone.

Kanyar Derakhshan Omid has taken steps to expand the level of understanding of the beauty and quality of Iranian stone and the culture of stone export from Iran and is trying to export good mines to the domestic market and around the world and be able to show the quality and beauty of marble stones of these two mines to the whole world and create a special change in the construction industry.

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