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Kanyar Derakhshan Omid

Eskandari Mines Group (Kanyar Derakhshan Omid) is currently focused on two quarries, 

Kanyar Derakhshan Omid marble quarry with chocolate color which has been exploited since 2020 and has been marketed under the Persian Cheetah brand. 

which has a color and the texture is very beautiful and unique it can also be said with certainty that it is one of the healthiest marble stones on the market, and the use of glue and mesh for such a stone is meaningless.

Also in cutting and application of this stone, the throw of this stone is zero and now it is processed in 3 * 2 dimensions and is offered to the market. 

If we want to name stones similar to this stone, we can call them bronze stones.

Armani Italia pointed out that it is very similar to the existing stone in terms of color composition. 

Another mine is Tafresh marble quarry with grey-blue color.

This stone has a sky blue sort with very beautiful color and design, and a sort will be processed in grey and will be offered to the market.

Kanyar Derakhshan Omid has taken steps to expand the level of understanding of the beauty and quality of Iranian stone.

and the culture of stone export from Iran and is trying to 

export good quarries to the domestic market and around the world and be able to show the quality and beauty of marble stones of these two quarries to the whole world and create a special change in the construction industry.


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Kanyar Derakhshan Omid
Kanyar Derakhshan Omid
مرمریت پرشین پرلاتینو