Persian Perlatino Marble

Persian Perlatino marble with green and grey background and white and blue lines is extracted and processed in two light grey and green varieties. This stone has attracted the attention of many designers, engineers, and architectural architects due to its various designs and roles. This stone has good sanding and is suitable for interior walls and interior paving of the building. Perlatino marble is produced in the form of tiles and slabs and has various applications in the building. This stone quarries are located in Tafresh city in Markazi province, the pieces of which are extracted from these quarries and sent to slabs and slabs to be cut and polished.

مرمریت پرشین پرلاتینو

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Application of Perlatino marble

Persian Perlatino marble is generally used in paving and interior of buildings. This stone with a cream-blue background creates a special attraction for the interior and common paving and can be a good option for commercial and office centers. Persian Perlatino marble due to its high strength and resistance as well as light color and at the same time delicate designs in this stone is widely used as tiles, stair walls, floors, elevators, and countertops, and the slabs of this stone are in the form of four-match and book-match on the wall of luxury places has been used a lot for special designs of lobbies, restaurants, office and commercial centers and halls, and another point is that due to the low water absorption of this stone for use in places such as bathrooms and Luxury toilets are convenient.

  • Floor stones of commercial and residential units
  • View of the interior walls of the building
  • Stairs and parking floors